Your partner in Quality and Realiability!

With an annual production of approximately 2.8 million fruit trees, Botden & van Willegen ranks among the leading fruit tree nurseries in Europe. And yet it is not the quantity that secures the company such a prominent position. Quality is the key to their success. The production of fruit trees largely takes place in their own Nursery in Sambeek, at a surface area of approximately 90 hectares.

The rest is grown on a contract basis by a select group of fruit tree growers with whom Botden & van Willegen collaborate very closely. Regular meetings are convened to share experience and practical observations. Important items on the agenda during these meetings are crop protection, fertilization and branching.

The trees produced by Botden & van Willegen find their way to every corner of the earth. The main markets are in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and England. Although the products of Botden & van Willegen are also sold to Canada and various Eastern European countries.

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